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I was dwelling on my doubts and losing faith in myself.

ISIS are lying to you. Open Your Eyes is exposing the reality.

I was crying and giving up sometimes, but rising up again and continuing forward. But if you keep walking, no matter how slow it appears sometimes, you will reach your destination. Then you can choose your next one and keep going toward it again, far stronger than you were before. There was struggling. There was irritation.

Open Your Eyes - Pastor Jentezen Franklin

There was love. There was compassion. There was pain. There were tears. There was laughter. There was pride. There was fear. There was courage.

Mckay Christensen

It was a snowy Sunday when I went to my first self-development workshop. At the end I had the chance to share part of my story. It was the most satisfying feeling of all. Then everything started falling into place. I knew what I needed to do. One morning I started writing. And I wrote and wrote and wrote, day and night. My first book was on the way. It came out one year later. In the meantime, I spent hours preparing to be a speaker.

Nothing happens without putting in time and effort. There is no shortcut to achieving your goals. You need to work on your skills and develop them as best as you can. And keep doing it after. Every day. Workshops followed lectures and speeches.

Why Does the Water Look Blurry When You Open Your Eyes?

Two blogs in two different languages. A second book, too. Great people, places, and moments of love, abundance, and gratitude. But most of all there was belief, a belief in my self.

This Is What Happens When You Open Your Eyes

There was a knowing—that I have something unique to share with the world around me. And you have too. I really mean you. You are simply amazing. Right here, right now. You have some extraordinary experience you can share with us too.

Please do. We all need it. We all need you to reach inside yourself, remember your deepest dreams and desires, and share your passion, as life is meant to be shared. Many times I thought about how insignificant I am.

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Have you done the same? Hayden French. Joseph Doyle. Adon Gancarz. Alejandro Vinas. Daniel Yemin. Adam Wilson. Joshua Starkey.

Ari Meir. Warlock Matt. Mark Anderson. Carlos Gonzalez. Johannes Schrammel. Carlos Lopez. Michael Lemmons. Will Gausmann.


Luke Hawksbee. Jake Sledge. Eventually, though, you don't have any more small talk to make. What do you talk about in order to ensure there's a second date? Three friends are in your apartment arguing with you about politics. Each one has his or her own opinion that they won't alter. One is so steaming mad that he's furiously texting on his phone. Another is raising her voice more every minute. Your job is to calm the waters, to ease the tension, and to help everyone "agree to disagree.

What would you do in these situations? How do you make sure that the odds are ever in your favor? Open Your Eyes.

People who have traveled far and wide will tell you that one thing they've learned during their adventures is the ability to dig deeper and explore further. Deep, late night conversations in hostel common rooms have taught them how to stay attentive. Getting lost without a map has taught them how to ask for help. Getting stuck at airports because of stormy weather has left them stranded, forcing them to make the best out of a situation.

Having less-than-polite roommates has built their tolerance and their patience. Exploring city slums and volunteering for months on end has taught them that stereotypes are quite often inaccurate, and that people are all human.

Open Your Eyes Quotes (18 quotes)

The folds of human nature and the tests of human skill unravel through the traveler's experience. Note that I mentioned earlier that this article is not going to be one of those "get off your butt and travel" articles. It's not. But it is a call to action. It's a call to you, the human of the world, to open your eyes and see a horizon just a little bit wider than before. In the midst of a world of political unrest, people have become so tunnel-minded these days.

After having moved from the United States, in its government shutdown, to Brazil, in an ongoing fight between the people and the government, I have learned that the fighting, the social media, and the unrest are spinning into what looks like a never-ending, downward spiral.