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What makes this format more interesting than a typical mixed game is the additional layer of strategy presented by the opportunity to select a game.

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If you want to read the full series it begins with this article , but a nutshell explanation of each game is given below, with links to the individual pieces if you want additional info on a specific game. Its Limit version is considerably less popular than No-Limit, but still an interesting game. It tends to play quite tight preflop and loose later on. Once a player has made a pair or better it can be quite difficult to fold.

It probably produces the smallest pots on average of the games within the Limit category.

Saturday, October 12th Live Auction at 11:am

This makes is a looser game which produces larger pots and allows more hands to be played preflop. Though the pots can grow large, the likelihood of coming away with part of the pot makes it an okay choice for a player simply trying not to bust. Limit Triple Draw Lowball: The fact that Aces play high in this game is simply a cosmetic change, but the addition of straights and flushes which count against the player complicated matters, and means that not all low cards are equal; Deuces are critical and Sevens almost as much so.

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  • This means that more two- and even three-card draws are playable, but one-card draws which can easily make a straight or flush may not be. Badugi: Badugi is popular in Asia but unfamiliar to many Western players. Badacy: A hyper-modern split-pot variant based on A-5 Triple Draw Lowball, but in which half of the pot goes to the best Badugi hand.

    Compared to straight Badugi, this will much more often be a three-card hand, because a mediocre badugi will take the player out of the running for the A-5 half of the pot and therefore will usually have to be broken. On the other hand, a strong badugi with even a halfway decent A-5 hand is a monster. As a fairly recent innovation, played mostly as a high-stakes live cash game, very few people can be considered experts in its strategies. Once again, the best Triple Draw hand and the best Badugi hand split the pot, with the one modification that Aces are high for the Badugi half as well as the , so four-suited is now the Badugi nuts.

    In this and all other Stud variants, players begin with two face-down hole cards and one face-up door card, and receive a total of three more cards up, one at a time, then one final card down. It can be very difficult to fold later streets in a big pot and so early mistakes can easily be compounded.


    This makes 4th and 5th street play even more important than in Stud Hi. This makes straights and flushes all the more important, as other strong Hi hands make it more difficult to win the Lo, and one can no longer simply freeroll on a Hi and hope the opponent fails to qualify. Razz: The straight lowball version of Stud is by far the most straightforward game in the category to learn, and the easiest not to be completely terrible at.

    Dealer's Choice | Tickets for theatre play 9/10, Praha 6 | GoOut

    This makes it a good choice for players at a tough table or for whom Stud games in general are a weak point. In that way, it can also be a good game for players who are good at reading their opponents, since the simplicity of the rules sweeps away the rest of the clutter and lays bare that aspect of poker.

    This is because it places an emphasis on hand-reading and plays bigger than Single Draw, while featuring less variance than Pot-Limit Omaha and its offshoots. The most significant difference is in short-stacked preflop play, because the betting limit prevents large all-ins and therefore makes stealing and re-stealing more difficult.

    It is therefore a situational choice for a medium-to-deep stacked player who wishes to take advantage of his position by forcing others to play post-flop with him. Pot-Limit Omaha: This is a game which produces big pots and creates a great deal of variance. Preflop equities tend to run close, and so a lot of different hands are playable, while position is very important.

    You'll also have access to WiFi throughout the property so you can stay connected during your stay—or just post pictures and videos of all the fun you're having during your time away! Gather your family and friends around the top-floor dinner table for a night of game-playing or to devour a gourmet meal. Plus, you can still enjoy the sights and sounds of the sea from the ocean-view dining area while you enjoy a home-cooked feast.

    The Blue Point, Coastal Cravings and Red Sky Cafe are just a short minute drive to the south in the heart of town, and The Paper Canoe—a waterfront restaurant that boasts views of the Currituck Sound—is located just a mile and a half to the north. And because Seaside Vacations wants your Outer Banks stay to be hassle-free, this home also offers keyless entry—so you can skip a trip to the office, head straight to the house and get your vacation started right away!

    ADT Announces Winners of 12222 Dealers’ Choice Awards

    Stunning ocean views, direct beach access, a theater room, game room, hot tub, and private pool : What more could you ask for? Book your stay at Dealers Choice today, and let the countdown to your most memorable Outer Banks vacation begin! Bedding: Two Kings, three Queens, three Twin bunk beds. For more pool information, Click here. View a virtual tour of this property here! Powered by: LiveRez.

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    Please update your browser settings to allow Javascript to see property images, descriptions, and all the most up to date listing information. Contact Us LiveStay. Search Rentals.

    Has Pool. No Pets Allowed. All Photos Virtual Tour.

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    Check Availability Your Night Quote -. See Rates See Rates. Book it Now Contact Manager. Contact Manager.

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    Featured Property Seaside Dunes. Description Amenities Bedrooms 1 Week Rates Calendar Reviews Map Towns Description For spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean, direct access to the sun-soaked shoreline, and the opportunity to live in the lap of luxury during your next trip to the beach, book your stay at Dealers Choice —a spacious 7-bedroom oceanfront estate situated in the charming coastal town of Duck.

    Sleeping Arrangement.