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Killing the dragon will not win anyone a princess bride, but it will literally free the characters to know the lives they have already led. Instead of being divided within himself — such as Hamlet, an essentially modern character — the hero of a chivalric romance will often accept orders from a virtuous authority figure and fend off the blandishments of an evil tempter, like a cartoon character with a little angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other.

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Are self-knowledge and happiness compatible? What do we owe the past? Throughout the story, as Axl begins to recall a past that he fears will drive him and Beatrice apart, the old lovers discuss the ferryman they meet early in their adventures. This man takes people to a beautiful island, but most of them have to travel alone.

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Every so often, a couple responds to his questions about their past in such a way that they are allowed to travel together. At one point, early on, Axl and Beatrice cross an ill-favored plain where the buried giant of the title, a huge earthen mound, is avoided by every prudent traveler. But these are the least effective passages in the novel, and when Ishiguro presses on such themes, the book can feel aimless and atomized. If much of the rest of the novel registers as an intriguing experiment imperfectly realized, he shows he still has the ability to bring home moments of serene and transcendent sorrow mixed with an inexplicable joy.

10 Irish Novels You Shouldn't Miss This St Patrick's Day

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She is the recipient of the Kay Sexton Award, presented annually by the Minnesota Book Awards in recognition of longstanding dedication and outstanding work in fostering books, reading, and literary activity in Minnesota. Carol is a Saint Paul native, has seven children, eleven perfect grandchildren, and one perfect great grandchild. He has been called a renaissance man who has shown a variety of notable talents.


John is an animal scientist and his love of nature has involved him in a major role for wildlife reintroduction—he sits on the board of directors for the Raptor Resource Project and the Decorah Eagle Cam. He is also a master glass cutter and engraver as well as being an accomplished stonemason. He writes books of no redeeming social value… crime fiction, theoretically with a sense of humor and even some romance. His characters find themselves in situations due to their own bad decisions—but then bad decisions make for interesting tales! Visit his website at www.

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  5. For more, visit Erin online at www. She has received state and national awards for her short fiction, magazine articles and newspaper stories. She lives in Saint Paul. All her life Amanda Hughes has been a "Walter Mitty," spending more time in heroic daydreams than in the real world.

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    At last she found an outlet: writing adventures about audacious women in the 18th century. Amanda is a graduate of the University of Minnesota and when she isn't off tilting at windmills, she lives and writes in Saint Paul. Visit her online at www.

    Her memoir, An American in Belfast , is a personal journey into a darker side of Ireland, one of paramilitaries, bomb scares, and sectarian violence.